Trusted support for your studies abroad

The foundation of successful studies abroad is in staying connected to family and well being. We are the bridge that connects and empowers students to succeed when studying overseas, helping them stay anchored to their well being and their safe and prosperous future.

We can meet your family in your country and accompany you, the student, on the plane (or meet you at the airport upon arrival), guide you in confidently setting up your life and making connections in the overseas city, and help you quickly and safely learn to excel in the new culture and institution. We are a trusted guide you can rely on to ensure safe, successful, happy, and healthy studies abroad!

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Empowering Services

We currently support students starting at universities & colleges in
Vancouver, Victoria, and Nanaimo, British Columbia (BC), Canada.

  • Safe & Exciting: Arrival Support
  • Fast & Easy: Accommodation & setting up
  • Guided & Confident: Meeting the right people
  • Understood & Supported: Someone you can trust
  • Respected & Honoured: Supporting your values
  • Friends & Fitting in: Connecting socially
  • Familiar & New: Food and cooking
  • Success & Grades: Getting started "insider" tips
  • Connected & Empowered: Networking for success
  • Family & Health: Wellness and strength

We care about you

  • Why Choose Us?
    We are the team you will know and trust when you arrive. People who care...
  • Our Experience
    We know what it feels like to be alone in a new place. Exciting, but scary, too...
  • How We Work
    We connect with you and your family before you leave! Then we are there for you...